Space Management Tool
for the Future Campus

Our technology helps campuses to organize more education and services with existing real estate by doing it smarter with data


We work with innovative universities to establish their smart campus ambition.

Hardware Sensors

By using passive infrared sensors (PIR) we count occupancy levels in different parts of the building. Giving you continous measurements of what is happening on campus!

Twitter Mobile

Getting the right occupancy data allows us to schedule more by matching attendance to roomsizes

Client 3 Marieke - Roostermaker

Occupy App

The occupy webapp allows students to navigate efficiently to an available workspot based on real time occupancy data. This will significantly reduce the experience of crowdedness in campus and will help the students to focus on what's important. Studying. Besides that underutilized areas on campus get used which results in impoved campus exploitation.

Google Design

The studententpopulation is growing and having a place to sit is become harder and harder

Client 1 Voorzitter Studentenvakbond

Admin Panel

The admin panel provides the campus manager insights into what is happening on campus. Think about occupancy rates, movement flow and much more. Through our analysis sofware we give awnser important campus management questions like: What are the attendance rates? How long do students stay on campus after class? How will the occupancy look next week?

Admin Panel

Making our campus capable of managing the projected increase in student population is the most crucial challenge in the next decade

Client 2 Campusmanager

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We contributes towards alleviating the pressure on campus facilities by the occupy app.

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How we work

We believe in a pragmatic approach towards generating value. No empty promises, big talk and virtue signaling. But pragmatic and focussed on helping you make progress.

Personal Sensor Plan

Every building is different. A lot of resources tend to be wasted by placing sensors that are irrelevant to the particular building. By creating a sensor plan optimized to your building we allow for maximum information with minimal investment.

Sensor Placement

All our sensors placed in a couple of hours. Education is the number one priority, we make sure that we do not intervene. All of our sensors are plug and play and are esthetically designed to blend in the environment.

Launching the Occupy App

We make sure that our occupy app gets in the hand of your students. Imagine arriving on campus and within seconds knowing where the most efficient spot is to work. With the occupy app this becomess a reality

Deployment of Admin Panel

By having historic data on utilization and occupancy rate of the different rooms in your building you can improve the campus decission making. By understanding campus utilization rates over time you can see the effect of your decisions.

Our Promise.

Your struggle is our motivation and your progress is our goal. Short term delivery of value is integrated in every step we do.

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